Cases We Handle

The Murdock Law Firm PC obtained its excellent reputation by consistently achieving favorable results in a variety of contexts.  We have been successful in a broad spectrum of areas including oil and gas royalty issues, personal injuries, wrongful death, toxic torts, insurance bad faith, and other civil matters. We are passionate about each client and we dedicate ourselves to your case.

Oil and Gas

Success in oil and gas matters requires a particular set of skills and a unique combination of legal and practical knowledge. Murdock Law Firm possesses those qualities and continually seeks to update itself in the field. Unlike many firms, Murdock Law Firm handles oil and gas matters from the perspective of the royalty owner, and advocates for the right of Wyoming mineral owners. It strongly believes owners should be paid that to which they are entitled. The Murdock Law Firm strives to see that owners benefit from rights to which they are entitled under the Wyoming Royalty Payment Act. That Act was promulgated by the Wyoming Legislature fair treatment of Wyoming royalty owners. The Murdock Law Firm believes, through the litigation it has brought, it has helped effectuate the Wyoming Legislature’s intent.

Injury and Accidents

We handle personal injuries of all types, including those which occur while driving, in the course of employment, or from the use of a faulty product. We also represent individuals in bad faith litigation against insurance companies who fail to fulfill their duties after an injury occurs. Our firm understands that your physical, emotional, and financial future is jeopardized after enduring an accident or injury.  For this reason, we personally consult with each client on an ongoing basis in order to obtain a deep understanding of how an injury or accident is affecting and will affect you and your family. Unfortunately, often the effects of an injury can last a lifetime,  and, for this reason, we fight to the end to ensure you get the maximum recovery possible.  It is particularly important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney in personal injury cases to assist you in weighing your options.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A carbon monoxide detector could save your life and is a worthwhile investment for your home and workplace though some carbon monoxide detectors appear to be ineffective in certain regions of the country.  Over-exposure to carbon monoxide can cause permanent damage to your vital organs, including your brain, and can even be fatal.  If you have suffered from carbon monoxide exposure, it is important for you to seek knowledgeable medical assistance. It is equally important for you to know your legal rights.  The law in most states provides individuals with the right to compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of a defective product or for the negligence of another.  Carbon monoxide poisonings occur in homes and hotels. But that is not the sole site of poisoning – it is also a problem in many occupations.  Those who work in factories, garages or around internal combustion engines are also at risk. In certain circumstances injured persons may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost past and future wages, and punitive damages. If you think you have been exposed to carbon monoxide the attorneys of Murdock Law Firm, PC would be happy to a cost-free consultation regarding your carbon monoxide exposure and potential claims.